Top Trends of Home Renovation Industry in 2022

According to a survey in 2017, 48% of homeowners in Canada were interested in renovating their home while this trend has been increased in 2018 as about 50% of Canadian homeowners are interested in renovating their home this year.


The survey shows that more than 56% of owners, who are interested in home improvements or home remodeling, wants to increase the living space or to improve their living standards and they are not interested to sell their home to buy a new one.


The home renovation industry is grooming every year in Canada and it is expected that there will be more business through the home renovation industry in Canada.


According to Statista, sales of 47.5 billion Canadian dollars were recorded from the home improvement industry in 2017 and in 2018 it was about 49.1 billion dollars. They have shown a graph from 2010 to 2018 which provides the information of sales through the home improvement industry in 9 years.


Homeowners are more interested in technology upgrades which include making their home a smart home and make it more secure for them as well. Many tech-related home improvement projects could be done within a few hours only. While for some projects homeowners need to hire professionals.


In 2019, homeowners are more conscious of the environment and health. So, while considering the home renovation projects, they are looking for natural materials to renovate their home.


Because of this, the home improvement companies in Calgary or the general contractors in Vancouver are also willing to use natural materials for their home renovation projects instead of materials that might not be good for nature and for the health.


There are a lot more reasons for the homeowners in Canada to get their home renovated this season and getting vibrant colors in different rooms or at outdoor is also one of those reasons. Then there might be some unfinished projects which homeowners wanted to get finished this season.

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