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Trendy DIY Home Decorating Ideas


Everyone loves to decorate their home. Here we are showing some amazing ideas to decorate your home. You can do all this on your own to show some creativity. These are some amazing wall-hanging crafts. And all you can do is this on budget. Let’s just make them.

Wall-Hanging with a toothbrush:

 We almost change our toothbrushes after2 3 months. Do not waste them. You can make a DIY wall hanging using your toothbrush.

Take 3 brushes. Remove its bristles. cover it a multi-shaded wool thread. Put them like this.




Now attach wool flowers to each with the help of a glue gun. Amazing DIY wall hanging is ready. You can use this wall hanging to hang your mini towel or anything like this.

Bottle’s Cap’s Craft:

 Here is an amazing hack to make a mini tray to put your tea mug or anything like this on it.

 For these amazing hacks, you just need plastic caps. Put the caps in a round shape and a cap in its center on battered paper. Put another paper on it and met these caps using an iron. After ironing let it settle down. And here it’s ready. You can use it as a teacup holder.


Pots Making with Plastic bottles:


Pots have great importance in gardening. Beautiful pots a unique look to your garden. Here is an amazing idea to give uniqueness to your garden. In this hack, you only need a bottle. Take a plastic bottle cut it from its mid in zig zag shape.


Color these bottles of your choice. Here I’m doing silver color on them. And attach them to a plate. DIY pots are ready to decorate your garden.


Old Bangles Craft:

We all have some of our old bangles. And we almost waste them. Now after watching this hack you won’t throw them out and will try this hack.  What you just need to do is take some old bangles.  Glue them putting on each other in a straight line. Now you can use it as your candle stand.

Moonsoon Bottle Jar:

 Here is an amazing idea to decorate your garden. You need a plastic jar. Stick a tape on its center to divide it into two equal parts. Now put some glue on it and spread it with a brush. Now spring to different on the divide parts. Remove the adhesive tape and let it dry. DIY monsoon bottle jar is ready.


You can hang it in your garden or also you can use it as a table lamp.

Metal Bottle Cap Craft:

You can easily get these caps from any general store to create this amazing Diy teacup stand or holder. You just need few bottle caps to make it. Cover the caps with the fabric of your choice. Here I’m using red color with small mini dots on it because I’m going to make it in strawberry shape. You can also use the fabric of your choice and also give it a shape of your choice. Combine them in a pattern like strawberry. And add a leaf on its top.

An amazing teacup stand is ready.

Emoji Planter:

You can amazingly decorate your home with these emoji planters. You can easily create using your old bangles. Put some bangles on each other and attach them with the help of glue. And use different kinds of emojis to decorate them. And amazing DIY emoji planters are ready.

 Bottle Lamp:

Different kinds of lamps are quite costly. But you can also easily create it at home only with the use of a bottle. Take a bottle wrap it with plain white paper and decorate it with paper flowers. Now use it as your lamp. Here I’m showing you mine.

 Cane Bottle hack:

Cane bottles can also b used to decorate your home and garden. Here is an amazing hack to decorate your home or garden with the help of a cane bottle. Take a cane bottle to paint it with the color of your choice. Hang it using a top. I’m using it as a hanging planter.

Wool Basket:

Baskets can be used in different ways. Here I’m showing you an amazing hack to make a DIY basket that you can easily make. Take cardboard cut it into a heart shape. Arrange some toothpicks on their sides with glue. Now with the help of wool cover these sticks.

 Also, you can use beads.Cover these sticks till their last. And the DIY basket is ready.



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