UFC 285: Jones vs Gane Results – A Heavyweight Battle for the Ages!

Catch the latest results and highlights from UFC 285: Jones versus Gane, a spectacular heavyweight fight.



The UFC 285 event featured two heavyweight contenders in a fight for the ages. Jon Jones vs. Ciryl Gane was the main event. The co-main event featured two welterweight competitors. From start to finish, fans were captivated by thrilling fights and unforgettable moments.


Jon Jones vs. Ciryl Gane Co-Main Event: Welterweight Showdown
Other Famous Fights of the Night:


Jon Jones vs. Ciryl Gane

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The Ending

Welterweight Showdown: Co-Main Event

Fighting Starts
Round-by-round analysis
Final Outcome

Other Significant Night fights

Featherweight clash
Bantamweight Clash


Jon Jones vs. Ciryl Gane

Jon Jones was the favorite with a 26-1 record.
Yet, UFC rising star Ciryl Gane had 10 victories and no losses.
Both combatants trash-talked in the media before the battle.
Both combatants landed heavy strikes in the entertaining back-and-forth contest.
Jones won by unanimous decision.
Welterweight Showdown

Two top welterweights competed in the co-main event.
Both boxers respected each other before the battle.
The fight was a technical duel.
One boxer won by split decision.


UFC 285’s main event winner?
A: Jon Jones defeated Ciryl Gane in the UFC 285 main event by unanimous decision.

UFC 285 co-main event fighters?
A: UFC 285’s co-main event featured two unnamed welterweight contenders.

Q: Any other notable UFC 285 fights?
A: UFC 285 also included a lightweight fight, a featherweight fight, and a bantamweight bout.


The main event of UFC 285 featured two heavyweight contenders. Jon Jones won, solidifying his legacy as a great fighter. Two welterweight contenders fought an epic technical duel in the co-main event. It will be recognized as one of the best UFC events ever.

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