Unique and Amazing DIY Wall Garden with Plastic Bottles

Unique and Amazing DIY Wall Garden with Plastic Bottles.

Amazing Vertical Garden Using Plastic Bottles.

Moss Rose on the wall.

To give your garden a unique look or the wall of your home a creative look we are telling you an amazing DIY wall garden using Plastic Bottles.

Every day we almost throughout so many used plastic bottles. What if we used them in crafting instead of wasting them. In that way, we are creating pollution. These are very hard to decompose, one plastic almost takes 1000 years to decompose. These bottles also create ocean pollution which is harmful to aquatic animals.

It’s good for everyone to recycle them at home by using different DIYs for used plastic bottles to reduce pollution and also to add a creative look in your garden or at your home’s wall.

You can use plastic bottles in different ways, but here is an amazing DIY to create a walled garden. Collect bottles as much as you can or much you want to create a wall garden.

Make a small hole in every bottle’s cap and a hole in the surface of the bottle according to the size of the bottle’s cap. Cut a square from one side of each bottle. Take another bottle open its cap now put it into the 1st bottle’s surface and close its cap into it. Do it the same as shown in the picture.


Make a line of 10 to 12 bottles attaching them with each other like this. After you attached all the bottles now it’s time to attach them to the wall. Use a wood stick on the wall to attach bottles with nails and fill them with fertile soil. Here I’m showing you this picture.

Plant any type of mini flower plant of your choice. Or Mess roses are a perfect wall garden. After some days growth will start and it’ll cover all you wall with its branches and will give a unique look to your home’s wall. 


Use extra plastic bottles to recycle them like this to save your environment from pollution and to create something amazing.




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