Unleashing the Potential of BRC-20 Token: Become a Millionaire through Airdrops and Public Minting

H2: The Hype of BRC-20 Token Has Just Begun

Friends, if you think that the hype surrounding the BRC-20 token has died down, let me tell you that it has only just begun. In a recent update, I mentioned a public minting opportunity for OXBT tokens. By paying the gas fee, you could mint 5,000 tokens at a price ranging from $13 to $14. Many individuals who participated in the public minting experienced profits of 100x to 70x within just two days. Several people have already made significant gains from this opportunity.

H2: Stay Updated for Profitable Opportunities

To stay informed about such profit-making opportunities, make sure to follow our Twitter account and join our Telegram group (link provided in the description). I have created multiple videos about BRC-20 tokens, their creation process, and how to submit them. Additionally, I’ve shared updates about OXBT and other upcoming tokens. Be sure to check if you’ve received the Haji address mentioned in OgDrap’s video.

H2: Maximizing Points for UG Token Airdrop

Now, let’s talk about the UG token airdrop. Some of you might not be receiving points for the UG token. The reason behind this is that your score is calculated only once a day, regardless of how many times you play the game. So, make sure to achieve the highest score possible and submit it during the claim process. Remember, the UG token price is increasing, and participating in public minting opportunities like this can yield profits.

H2: Stay Updated on Public Minting Opportunities

Whenever there is a public minting event for new tokens, we will provide updates on Twitter and Telegram. We recently shared information about the Bihar Se 20 token, where you could mint tokens for a price of $13 to $14. Don’t miss out on such opportunities, as they can yield significant profits, even surpassing the initial minting fee. Keep an eye on our Twitter for further updates on upcoming public minting opportunities like the new pixel token and Max RC.

H2: Instructions for Claiming and Selling Tokens

To participate in the airdrop, click the provided link and enter your email address. Make sure to use the same email address associated with your wallet. The majority of our users are phone users, so I’ll demonstrate the process on a phone. Simply click “Start” to play the game and accumulate points. Remember to aim for the highest score possible. If your score is low, you can restart the game to try again.

H2: Claiming and Selling Tokens

Once you have a high score, copy the token and click “Claim” to proceed. To sell the claimed tokens, go to the marketplace section and click on the token. From there, you can list the token for sale. Keep in mind the gas fees associated with the transaction. Ensure that the token’s value covers the gas fees to maximize your profit. List the token slightly below its value, around 0.6, to facilitate a quick sale.

In conclusion, the BRC-20 token presents lucrative opportunities for profit through airdrops and public minting events. Stay updated on our Twitter and Telegram channels for the latest information. Remember to maximize your scores for airdrops and claim tokens promptly. When selling tokens, consider the gas fees and list them at a slightly lower price for faster transactions. Don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities to potentially become a BRC-20 token millionaire.

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