Useful Ideas For Kids Room Decoration – 5 minute crafts

 Useful Ideas For Kids Room Decoration:

Being a parent is the most amazing experience of life. Parents always try to give their best for their children. Here are some amazing ideas to decorate your kid’s room. All you can do this on budget. Besides, it will create a uniqueness to their room. All decoration ideas are DIYs. Let’s just get started.

Pencil Stand:

We are presenting an amazing DIY idea to make a wall hanging craft for your kid’s room decoration. You need two disposable plates. Cut one plate from its center and stitch it with the other. You can also use gum to glue them. Make its eyes and other facial fractures amaze you, children.

Candy Gift:

Make some candy gifts to please your children. Here I’m showing you an idea to gift candies to your children. Cut a circle of a chart, add any title to it. And glue their favorite candy.

Pencil Holder:

Make a beautiful little pencil holder for your child’s mini study table. You just need a disposable glass. Add some uniqueness by creating some features of it.

DIY Sun Craft:

To decorate your child’s room make this amazing DIY sun. You can make it on your own and it’s very cheap but looked amazing. It is very easy to make.

DIY Macrame:

Macramas are also available in the market but they are so much costly. You can make it at home very easily. Take a disposable glass. Make it more attractive by adding some stars and circles to it. Makes its hanging with beads. Hang it to your baby’s room or its cot. This wall hanging looks amazing.

DIY Photo Frames:

Making DIY photo frames are quite amazing. They are easily available in the market but to show some love and creativity try this DIY idea to make a photo frame at home. For this hack, you only need some wool and CDs. Make some wool flowers of different colors. Glue them on the disk’s sides and your pictures in the center.

Pencil Crafting:

Attract your children for writing with this amazing idea. Cut some stars of different colors for different pencils. Here I’m using glitter sheets to cut stars. Glue them on pencils. Also, add ribbon to it.

Amazing wall Hanging:

To decorate your kid’s room with emojis is amazing and very simple to make it. Take dome hard boards and cover them with different colors of paper. Make their different reactions using color paper.

Mickey Mouse:

Kids are always too much attached to the toys. Here is an amazing idea to make a little Mickey at home with disposable plates. Make its ears using two colors paper and nose with some wires, wool on them and with a wool flower. Make eyes with black paper.

Wall craft:

Make a wall craft for your child’s room. It’s very simple to create a wall hanging using disposable glass ad spoons. Cut 3 flowers of paper. Glue it on a hardboard. Putting some spoons on their center put a half-cut glass on their end. Decorate the glass with some beads.

DIY Sheep Wall Craft:

Here is an amazing idea to make DIY sheep crafts very easily. Cut three ovals of black paper. And glue it like shown in the picture for the face. Now take a hardboard and cut its circle cover it with white paper. Cut some small pieces of white paper as the skin of the sheep. Make its legs with black paper. DIY sheep craft us ready.





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