17 Smart And Useful Kitchen Tools You Must Have Best KITCHEN GADGETS OF 2022

17 Smart And Useful Kitchen Tools You Must Have BestKitchen Gadgets

hey guys Today I came with a lot of kitchen tools that are available in days why not make the most of them to help us be the super-efficient version of ourselves in the kitchen here’s a sneak peek into the tools I use that

Help me in meal prepping cooking refrigerating freezing packing food DIY activities with kids and much more ice cream molds it’s always a pleasure when we sit down together and slurp on some ice-cold delicious popsicles or ice creams simply pour your juice or flavored milk into these molds and freeze and you have a treat at hand i used to stay up all night trying to find my place chasing me on lights and looking for some kind of trace to lead

I out of darkness give me a little faith something to make me stronger someone who could like the way the second silicon dish sponge ever found removing stubborn oil from cast iron and enamel cookware a challenge this silicon brush with thousands of tiny sturdy bristles is just perfect to clean them they do not leave scratch marks yet they get the job done efficiently the grooves on the side make it so easy to handle a real must-have in every kitchen

Third avocado slicer who loves avocados in the house I definitely do and this avocado slicer with the seed remover is a real bone the sharp curved edge makes a clean cut and is a real pleasure to work with cut slice and scoop easily if you prefer design then bring home the avocado dicer as well all you need to do is a place and press and twist and you have little nice pieces of avocado saving you trouble and time so go for it and make dicing avocados a

Real breeze fourth flexible plastic cutting boards this one comes with a firm grip and the chopped slices can easily be transferred into a bowl or a plate or directly into your pan thanks to its flexible design storing is simple as it is not heavy or bulky cleaning is simpler but using it is the simplest [Music] fifth silicon collapsible containers now this one I found very interesting this

Thoughtful kitchen companion is just perfect when you need to travel store various things of various quantities they are easily collapsible and hence take up hardly any space in the kitchen cabinets or into your bags when you’re traveling they come with perfect lids makes touring super efficient too [Music] gonna be alright [Music] kitchen tool number six beeswax wrap for

Those of us who are slowly making the ship from plastic wraps and aluminum foil wraps these wax wraps are a dream come true you can use them multiple times they are washable they help keep the meal fresh for a long time and you can be rest assured that you are making a healthier choice for your family wrap containers be it rotis Mexican wraps or paneer stuffed parathas this wrap container holds it all tightly packed

Your favorite wraps or bananas or fruits in the space-efficient containers and meal times will never be a messy affair again number eight fruit vegetable or cookie cutters fun shapes make munching on fruits and veggies fun isn’t it kids love this endearing and timeless shapes and it is a sure way of getting them to eat their fruits and veggies and not just fruits and vegetables but you can also make yummy homemade cookies too i

Don’t know anybody that could compare you the way you’re always smiling the way you light up a room I couldn’t live without you not even if I tried cause every day I’m with you I’m flying over the clouds oh yeah yeah I’m flying over the clouds number nine strawberry slicer for picky eaters who like this strawberry slice look no further simple and easy to use simply run the slicer on the

Strawberries and you have neat slices that the kids are going to love great way to add strawberries to kids’ lunchbox or simply slice and add them on top of homemade tarts or muffins and enjoy number 10 back clips when you open a pack and want to store it again airtight these clips come in handy holding the contents firmly in place and sealing the pack well they help store the packs efficiently preventing spoiling and

Hence avoid food wastage there’s another type called bells tie-up open packs of sugar salt biscuits or even cables together with these bad bells add a little quirk to your storage ideas they help seal the packs tightly and help things look neat and organized [Music] eleven apple corer and cutter imagine you’re on a picnic and you have apples at hand simply run the coder through and you are in for a healthy and easy snack

Easy to carry this apple corer is just what you need to make munching on apple hassle-free if your children prefer sliced apples then there’s the cutter sturdy and sharp they make even clean slices that are easy to pick and munch on number 12 lemon veg ice tray when you do not need to use a whole lemon at once simply slice them into the veggies place them in this wedge tray and…

store them For later use, they help prevent wastage and come in handy just when you need them 13. citrus lime juicer and spray this is a fancy stylish and functional tool squeeze lemon into the container and close the lid with the spray lid mist over all your favorite dishes as and when you need it thoughtfulness with a dash of lime I find lemon spray very useful to spray some lemon juice on apples to keep them

From oxidation especially when packing school lunchbox number 14 silicon stretch lids these silicon stretchable lids can cover various sizes of vessels making storing easy odor-free and hygienic these silicon lids are dishwasher safe and can be easily stored [Music] kids sandwich cutters indulge in these really cute sandwich cutters and shapers to add some zing on your kids cool

Lunchboxes it will surely turn a simple boring sandwich into something exciting your kids will look forward to and will enjoy eating tool number 16 is sweet corn holders get a firm grip on hot and slippery corn cobs with these magically useful corn holders they come in a set of two perfect for gripping onto the freshly cooked corn cobs they have super sharp stainless steel prongs that effortlessly

Pierce through the tough cob allowing you to comfortably chew at the kennels also the two halves of the corn holders conveniently connect protecting the prongs from damage or rust and providing a safe storage option they are BPA free and top-rack dishwasher safe to make cleaning quick and easy [Music] and last tool for today is kids bento box liners who doesn’t love an extra treat in their bento boxes this bento

Box liners neatly hold fruits chocolates or muffins or whatever you decide to pack into them you can also use them to bake your favorite cupcakes and surprise your kiddos when they’re back from school so guys I hope you enjoyed watching this video and enjoyed the list of cool kitchen gadgets that I shared with you today I’m sure these tools will make your time working in the kitchen fun easy and safe.

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