Was there some life on planet Mars? NASA’s recent news

Was there some life on planet Mars? NASA’s recent news…


Recently, NASA revealed the facts about the signs of past life on Mars which could be intriguing as the evidence depicts there might have had water flowing on its surface for almost millions of years ago.

Last week, astrobiologists believed that NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on Gale Crater on August 6, 2012, and has been roaming over there for about 9 years.

It discovered some rock samples containing organic carbon-rich sources, carbon is considered to be an important element as it has been found in all life on planet earth, and proving some ‘biological existence’.

Christopher House, a leading scientist at Penn State, is of the view that discovered some evidence favorable for microbial life on the red planet. However, they still need to have some more research to rule out the fact.

Scientists are still trying to understand the carbon cycle on the Red planet.

However, another researcher, Steele said that as we have successfully done it on planet earth, we are just at the beginning to discover it on Mars as well.





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