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This, my friend, is real fresh dog food, and today Finn and I are gonna talk about what this is why I feed it and why I’m not afraid of salmonella even though there’s raw meat in here, and then when you stay tuned until the end I’m gonna be sharing some of my favorite meal toppers whether you’re feeding a kibble or fresh food diet oh and before I forget everything I talk about in this video will absolutely be linked in the

The description below on my shop page and of course as always don’t forget to click that subscribe button for happier healthier pets I’m gonna build my dog’s bowls with you while I do this so you can see how I feed them and I have a variety of bowls now if you follow me for any length of time you know that I’m all about the team no dog bowl and what that means is during meal time we work with our dogs on basic cues enrichment obedience or if we’re busy and we can’t

Will you at least use something like an enrichment feeder or slow feeder bowl two other things I love to use during feeding time are lick mats if you feed kibble you can re-moisten it rehydrate it with a little bit of water for 10-20 minutes spread it on freeze it and then our dogs lick it off which has a natural soothing calming effect is also great enrichment and or I love Westpac topples uh this is the better kong alternative in my opinion because

Of the higher quality material I love that you can stuff the food in here whether it’s a portion of dry food or a more wet food freeze it add a bunch of your fun toppers or meal mix-ins to really boost the bowl which I’ll share some of my favorites in just a moment and you can even get a large and a small and click them together to make more of a treat-dispensing enrichment now this video is about fresh food diets so why

Am I spending any amount of time talking about enrichment or mental stimulation and that is because I look at my dogs as a whole right like what we feed them is obviously critically important in addition to that I’m also really excited and passionate about their mental health I digress let’s talk about this meat patty this is completely comprised of raw meat raw organ raw crushed bone and a little bit of organic produce for those phytonutrients and

Then you may say well wait for Rachel this is complete and balanced meaning that it has the nutrients macro and micro that my dog will need to sustain life why would you add any toppers which I’ll do in just a moment and the reason for me is the same reason that I eat a variety of foods for my personal diet I believe that giving my dogs a variety of different healthy pet-friendly foods is an excellent form of enrichment that not only helps ensure they get all their

Nutrients by giving variety but also give them more enjoyment in life and my dogs really like food so I love giving it all right I just washed my hands so then you may ask why would I feed this over a kibble food and my answer is simply that I am passionate and I am an advocate of feeding my dogs the most biologically appropriate or species-appropriate diet what that means is feeding my dogs a diet that they were naturally meant to eat so that the

Nutrients both macro and micro are most bioavailable I want to feed my dogs a diet that’s going to respect what their body needs not just what’s convenient for me and not just what makes the big five companies that own almost all kibble the most money and if we really look at it kibble is only about a hundred years old think about that before that there was no kibble so what did people feed dogs they fed them table scraps they fed them leftover

Carcasses and pieces of animal from their farm all that to say I’m also super realistic that feeding a more fresh real food diet is more expensive now some will argue that yes it’s more expensive upfront but medical vet costs could be a lot lower so overall it evens out but I also understand and respect that wherever you are today in your journey of helping your dog live and thrive as long as possible I’m right there with

You which is why I’m going to show you some toppers that I love that even if you’re feeding a dry-processed food like kibble also remember I fed kibble for like the first half almost of my labrador’s life before I learned better so I am not here to judge so one of the foods I love adding to a dog’s bowl is blueberries I try to get local when I can if not at least organic and what I love to do with these is I feed them as treats or I’ll put them on

Top of the bowl and this is something you know these are blueberries my husband and I bought for us and I love adding a few in here and I’m really passionate about blueberries because of their well-deserved superfood status mainly because of how rich they are in antioxidants which helps reduce oxidative stress-free radicals in the body which are highly linked to deadly diseases like cancer another thing I like to put my dog’s bowl and then after

I finish this bowl I’ll talk about salmonella are these just thrive pets probiotics i personally like this brand right now because these are endospore probiotics these use endospores to protect the probiotics so it’s much more bioavailable in terms of the probiotics so I just open up the capsule and I’ll put it over the food then I’m going to add for my labrador here is dr harvey’s ortho flex this is just a blend

Of real food herbs that are shown to help with joint issues arthritis issues and he turns 13 my labrador this year so I love to give this and what’s cool about this one is the serving sizes are so small so this container lasts a really really long time now let’s talk about salmonella or bacteria found in raw meat so one great thing about feeding a fresh food diet is if you’re worried about something like

That or if you are personally immunocompromised and you yourself don’t want to handle raw meat you can actually get gently cooked versions or versions that have been more sterilized if you want to learn more about that comment below and I’d be happy to make more videos on that but since this is raw I want to talk about salmonella and why I’m not worried about my dogs getting salmonella or harmful bacteria from this

So first off I make sure I’m so super picky about the brands that I feed that I make sure that the sourcing is high quality because if you get really poor quality sourcing, of course, you’re going to be at higher risk of having harmful bacteria but even if there was salmonella in here there are really two main reasons why I’m not super worried about my dogs getting sick from that the two reasons being their stomach acid level and bile and one common fact that

I feel like is glossed over so frequently is that it is common fairly common for dogs and even cats to have salmonella present in their gi system and like I said before there are more salmonella outbreaks in the kibble industry than there ever have been in the raw fresh food industry the big concern has come in my opinion in my experience from fear-mongering from the big pet food companies the big kibble companies which another fun fact

Are owned by like four to five big brands that make like Hershey kisses uh mars Jm Smuckers are like some of the biggest dogs that own and manufacture and create most of the big kibble out there and drive and fun most if not all of the accredited vet schools in the u.s which means that what they’re teaching is candidly really really biased so I’m not worried about salmonella my dogs because first off dog stomach acid has a ph

Level of around one to two on average and salmonella needs anywhere from about a four to a 10 ph to actually survive and thrive and with this acidic environment the digestive process in the system is really really short or really fast so there’s not a lot of time that’s why you hear often that dogs have a faster shorter digestive tract and that doesn’t allow for a lot of time for bacteria to harbor and to create a lot of problems I mean think about it how

Many times have you seen a dog eating a dead carcass I hate to say that or an unalive carcass after it’s been hit by a car and just fine how many times has your dog gotten into something they really shouldn’t eat and ended up being okay now I’m not condoning having your dog eat bad things but my point is is a lot of this concern around salmonella in the industry is less about the dogs and more about safety for the humans using it because

We as humans are at risk for getting salmonella but no more in my opinion than if you’re just getting some chicken breast that you’re going to put on the pan for you and your family or a burger you’re going to grill for you and your family this is at least the brands that I feed are human-grade extremely high-quality meats but again if you’re personally worried about salmonella comment below and I can give some recommendations or at least my thoughts

Around some other fresh food options that you can feed that doesn’t have that risk much at all and I almost forgot I’ve been putting some of these uh polka dot cod skins look how big they are uh they’re great dental chew it’s 100 cod skin by a small awesome company that’s rich in healthy omega-3s uh omega-3 is really important for skin health coat health brain health heart health now let’s do Finnegan’s bowls so I’m going to take another patty

And put that in here now what you can do is you can even use like a spatula or spoon to push this down fun fact my mom actually will use a spoon instead of our hands i use my hands again i wash them really well i don’t cross-contaminate and i just kind of smush it down in here that’s just me in my comfort level wash my hands again now i think i forgot to mention that what this flavor is is turkey people often ask me how often should you

Switch proteins or give a variety of treats again I’m a big advocate and supporter of variety so I love feeding a variety of brands I love feeding a variety of proteins they might get chicken one day turkey another day beef another day and I also want to say while I’m getting this next supplement to put over the top of it some people will ask about uh making their own you can do DIY if you want more questions or details on that

Comment below so what I love this is actually a newer product that I’ve found which is vital essentials these are again linked in my bio below or description and they’re turkey toppers you can get different flavors more of a fine powder so what they’ve done is they’ve taken some freeze-dried turkey heart turkey liver some herring oil and they’ve made it into a little bit of a crumbly easier to use powder so

It’s great as a meal mixer great to put over the top of kibble in my opinion excellent to add a little bit of water to rehydrate and put on like a lick mat like this I love doing something like this just before we go on a walk with the dogs let them lick the frozen lick mat with some like pumpkin puree topped with something like this before we go on a walk that way it helps take them down a couple of notches to make walking easier and this is something

That if you want to transition from like a dry food like kibble to feeding a raw fresh food diet fully this would be an excellent tool to help transition them to kind of add some real foods to the bowl slowly and gradually over time comment below if you want me to make a video on how to transition your dog to eat eating more fresh foods or a completely fresh food diet next supplement I’m adding is canning kinds uh healthy immunity this is like his

Daily vitamin but it’s like a whole foods supplement I like it because it’s organic it’s non-GMO and the serving size is really really small and I like that it has in here sunflower sorry dandelion root coconut blueberry flaxseed which are high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich nutrients so it’s really really good uh for overall health, in my opinion, it also is a teeny tiny company and then of

Course Finnegan will also get some of these organic blueberries mostly because he just loves them part of what I feed my dogs and why i give my dogs the things they get I give them is because they enjoy it life is too short, especially with dogs like if they like some blueberries or carrots things like that I’m all for it uh so again this would work great for like a kibble diet too if that’s what you’re feeding and then some of these

Long chews sometimes I just give these to them as a chew but I’m just gonna crumple up a little bit in their bowl because I just think it’s a lot of fun nice and crunchy great for teeth and last but not least Finnegan will be getting one of his just thrive pet probiotics I’m very picky about the probiotic I add in their food but we all know that our second brain is our stomach same with dogs uh gut health is

Critical for longevity I want to acknowledge again that being able to feed a real fresh food diet like this is a privilege and I feel honored and grateful to be able to do this part of why I can do this is because of your support and allowing for this right here to be what I do full time as a content creator so I want to remind you that I don’t want you to feel bad about what you’re feeding your dog but I do want you to feel

Encouraged and motivated and inspired to do the best that you can do with wherever you are and so a lot of people will ask well what kibble would you feed if you had to pick one because I am a little bit of a dog food geek and nerd if you will so if you want to know like the kibbles that I would feed if I had to feed a kibble comment below and also if I was feeding a kibble today regardless of the brand today I would start adding fresh foods

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