What is Chat GPT – Know all about Chat GPT in Urdu and English

what is Chat GPT explain in urdu and english

GPT Mind boggling AI technology 

GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that is used to generate human-like text. It works by using a large dataset to “pre-train” a machine learning model, which can then be fine-tuned for specific tasks such as language translation or text summarization.


One use case for GPT in chat applications is to enable the creation of chatbots that can carry on natural-sounding conversations with users. These chatbots can be used to provide customer service, answer frequently asked questions, or even just engage in casual conversation with users.


GPT has the ability to generate coherent and coherent text that is difficult to distinguish from text written by a human. This makes it a powerful tool for creating chatbots that can have realistic and engaging conversations with users.


However, it’s important to note that GPT is not perfect and can sometimes generate text that is nonsensical or inappropriate. It’s important to carefully review and monitor the output of any chatbot that uses GPT to ensure that it is behaving appropriately.

What is Open AI:

OpenAI is a research organization that aims to advance artificial intelligence in a way that is safe and beneficial to humanity. It was founded in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs, researchers, and philanthropists with the goal of promoting and developing friendly AI, which refers to artificial intelligence that is aligned with human values and that can be trusted to behave ethically.

OpenAI conducts research in a variety of areas related to artificial intelligence, including machine learning, robotics, economics, and computer science. It also engages in partnerships and collaborations with a range of organizations, including academic institutions, tech companies, and government agencies, to promote the development and responsible use of AI.

In addition to its research activities, OpenAI also engages in public education and policy efforts to ensure that the development and deployment of AI is guided by ethical principles and serves the common good.

what is the meaning of artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of a computer or machine to perform tasks that typically require human-like intelligence, such as understanding and responding to natural language, recognizing patterns and objects, making decisions, and learning from experience. AI can be classified into two categories: narrow or general.Narrow AI is created to carry out a single task, like translating a language or recognising faces.  General AI, on the other hand, is designed to be able to perform any intellectual task that a human can.


There are many different approaches to creating AI, including machine learning, where a computer is fed large amounts of data and uses algorithms to learn from it, and rule-based systems, where a computer is programmed with specific rules and instructions to follow.


AI has the potential to revolutionize many industries and has already been implemented in a variety of applications, such as self-driving cars, voice assistants, and medical diagnosis. However, there are also ethical and societal concerns surrounding the use of AI, such as the potential for job displacement and the need for responsible use and oversight.

Chat GPT کیا ہے اردو اور انگریزی میں وضاحت جانیئے۔

جی پی ٹی (جنریٹو پری ٹرینڈ ٹرانسفارمر) مصنوعی ذہانت (AI) کی ایک قسم ہے جو انسان جیسا متن بنانے کے لیے استعمال ہوتی ہے۔ یہ مشین لرننگ ماڈل کو “پری ٹرین” کرنے کے لیے ایک بڑے ڈیٹاسیٹ کا استعمال کر کے کام کرتا ہے، جسے پھر مخصوص کاموں جیسے کہ زبان کے ترجمہ یا متن کا خلاصہ بنانے کے لیے ٹھیک بنایا جا سکتا ہے۔

چیٹ ایپلی کیشنز میں GPT کے استعمال کا ایک معاملہ یہ ہے کہ چیٹ بوٹس کی تخلیق کو فعال کیا جائے جو صارفین کے ساتھ قدرتی آواز والی گفتگو کو جاری رکھ سکے۔ ان چیٹ بوٹس کو کسٹمر سروس فراہم کرنے، اکثر پوچھے گئے سوالات کے جوابات دینے، یا صارفین کے ساتھ محض آرام دہ گفتگو میں مشغول ہونے کے لیے استعمال کیا جا سکتا ہے۔

جی پی ٹی میں مربوط اور مربوط متن پیدا کرنے کی صلاحیت ہے جسے انسان کے لکھے ہوئے متن سے الگ کرنا مشکل ہے۔ یہ اسے چیٹ بوٹس بنانے کا ایک طاقتور ٹول بناتا ہے جو صارفین کے ساتھ حقیقت پسندانہ اور دل چسپ گفتگو کر سکتا ہے۔

تاہم، یہ نوٹ کرنا ضروری ہے کہ GPT کامل نہیں ہے اور بعض اوقات ایسے متن کو تخلیق کر سکتا ہے جو غیر معقول یا نامناسب ہو۔ کسی بھی چیٹ بوٹ کے آؤٹ پٹ کا بغور جائزہ لینا اور اس کی نگرانی کرنا ضروری ہے جو GPT استعمال کرتا ہے اس بات کو یقینی بنانے کے لیے کہ وہ مناسب برتاؤ کر رہا ہے۔

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