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  how to remove blackheads on the nose 

try these glue gun crafts to make Life Easier

best way to remove blackheads glittery hair hacks

You need to try these glue gun crafts:
 Beauty crafts:
 To remove blackheads:
1. Place two dots at a distance of 4cm-5 cm with a glue gun.
2. Take a small piece of thread and put it on two dots.
3. Now you have to make a shape of the handle through a glue gun for grip.
 In this way, you can easily remove blackheads or whiteheads.
 For fake nails:
1. Make the correct shape of your hand from the glue gun.
2. Then draw the desired nail shape according to size and cut it.
3. Apply a nail color on this glue nail it looks real.
4. Paste on your nails and enjoy your party.
For broken glasses:
 If your glasses are broken when you are outside from the home then don’t be worried here is the solution:
 Always keep a matchbox with some glue gun dots. For this follow this steps:1) Take a match stick and put a dot on the edge. You think how it works.
2) Play a match stick until glue dots melt.
3) This melted glue applies to the broken parts of the glasses and joins the two pieces of glasses.
 Now you can use glasses.
 For glittery hair:
 For funky hairs and Halloween party hairstyles use this trick:
1. On paper make a line of glitter chunks from the desired colour.
2. Then make a glue line on this glitter through a glue gun.
3. Again, spread chunks of glitter on it.
4. In the 4th step place paper on it and heat with a hot iron to flatten it.
5. Now cut it into a small but long piece according to hair Length.
6. Through a black hairpin attach this glittery hair to your head and enjoy colorful hairs.
 For stylish mirrors:
 Sometimes our mirror looks rough from sides and edges break which looks awful. You can convert it into attractive by using only two things which are a glue gun and nail paint. Here are the steps
1. Make thick dots of different sizes by using a glue gun, wait until it dries and hard.
2. Pick any of the nail paint and paint these glue gun dots. Either use matte nail paints or glittery to make it beautiful.
3. Wait until it dries up and paste it on the mirror.
4. Here your mirror is ready.
Glue gun earring: 

To make handmade stylish and character earrings or studs use this trick at home. 
Follow these steps:
 1. Take polymer clay and candy of bear shape. 
2. Place candy on clay and press on it until it makes a strong shape on clay.
 3. Now fill this clay candy with help of a glue gun.
 4. When it dries up then take out this glue gun candy from clay. 
5. Now make a small hole from a 0 size wire and turn this. These are the steps if you follow and make your earrings. Fixing of floor tiles: Nowadays many of us facing the issue of tile filling issues which removes with time, here is a glue gun hack for fixing tile.
 1. Take a glue stick of the desired color and put it in the glue gun.
 2. Now fill the tile line with this glue gun stick
 3. Remove extra glue from the sides. Here is your desired result. Glue gun ideas: If you facing the issue of light at night, use a flashlight from your mobile phone. Then this hack is for you.
 1. Melt the glue gun stick from the top through the lighter. (This activity is done through precautions. children’s don’t try, please use caution if you want to try this).
 2. Now put this hot side of the glue stick on the flashlight to magnify it. In this way, you enhance the flashlight and read books easily. Print name on clothes: If you want to print the name on clothes or separate the same shirts with names. Here is a glue gun hack for your clothes.
 1. Take a paper clip and write a name on it.
 2. Fix this name with some paint color. 
3. Now paste it on the shirt. When it dries it looks beautiful.
Hack to look taller:
If your height is “short” and you want to look “taller”. Here is the trick for you.
 1. Take 3-4 glue sticks place on paper, now place another paper on top of it.
 2. Heat these sticks with help of iron by pressing the paper and making a layer. 
3. Now cut this flattened hard glue slice in heal shape and make a sole of 2-3 inches high for your shoes. 
4. Now put this sole into your shoes and now wear shoes. No one knows about this because it’s hidden and tricks work to look taller.
  Glue gun Eraser hacks: 
If you want to “erase” something from paper an eraser is not available. then “glue gun eraser” work for you.
 1. Take a pencil sharpener and fill its backside with hot glue. 
2. When it hardens pull it from this and erase the shape or mark you want to remove. In this way, you can remove marks from glue un eraser. Handmade organizer (geometry box) To make a “pencil organizer” from “glue gun 
“follow these steps:
1. Take any empty bottler box. 
2. In the 2nd step cover, this empty bottle from a color glue stick through a glue gun in random shapes r a straight line.
 3. Don’t cover 1 side about 1 inch. 
4. Now separate this bottle from glue when it dries. 5. Take a zip and attach it to this space. Here is your handmade organizer now you can easily use this “glue gun organizer”.
  Puzzle from glue gun:
Here is the idea that you make a “puzzle from glue gun”. If your child is bored and doesn’t leave mobile phone then use this trick.
 1. Take a plate and now make random circular lines in an irregular manner. 
2. Take a small ball and move in these circles. Here is the puzzle that you want.
Jewelry holder: 
1. Take a glass and design paper. Now put this paper into a glass.
 2. With help of a hot glue gun draw a design on glass which is on paper.
 3. Take out the glass from this glue gun pattern when it is hard. Here is your required “jewelry holder from glue gun”.
 Idea 1: If your wall sheet or wall tile breaks then use hot glue and fill this line.
 Idea 2: When the door lock hits the wall it damages the wall. 
With help of a glue gun make a small patch on the wall where the door hits. In this way, you protect your wall. Kitchen hacks: Idea 
1: Make a bottle cap:
 1. Make a bottle cap through a hot glue gun, 
2. Take a plastic glove and cut finger of love and place on bottle top in the way you fill it. 
3. Now fill this with glue and remove it from the glove when it’s hard. Here your cap is ready.
Idea 2
 Racket for bee killer: 
 To make a bee killer racket from the glue gun, you need to try this glue gun
 hack: 1) Make a rectangular shape with help of a hot glue gun
 (colored). 2) Draw horizontal lines in both directions within the rectangle.
 3) Make another rectangle on this horizontal line wait until it dries. 
 4) Cover all 4 corners with solid thick lines for grip. 
5) Now make a handle with a glue gun. Here your bee killer racket is ready.
  Draw handle: 
To make a drawer handle with help of a glue gun following these steps:
 1) Take an empty container of any shape.
 2) Fill this container with help of colored shimmery hot glue. 
3) Now make another layer of white-hot glue. 
4) Make another layer of glue on your choice with help of a hot glue gun. It’s your choice how many colors and layers you want. 
5) Take a strong thick needle and mix all these hot glue colors and put them in the middle. 
 6) When it’s hard remove the outer container. 
7) Now fix this needle in the drawer hole. Here your drawer handle is ready with the glue gun.
Curtain holder from glue gun:
You need to try this glue gun to make a curtain holder, must follow these steps:
 1. Firstly, take two magnets; take a colored glue stick cover one of the magnets with this glue by using a “glue gun”. 
2. In the 2nd step extend this covered magnet into three strands of equal distances. 
3. Make a braid of these three strands and now join this with another magnet and cover the magnet with help of a glue gun. Here is your curtain holder ready.

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