Why Dating Apps May Be Keeping You Single

Why Dating Apps May Be Keeping You Single

If you are in your 30s and 40s, then that’s when the bulk of older men will start getting serious. And what many people don’t realize is that they aren’t actually old anymore, as they tend to age faster than average people. They’re all looking to see how much life span they can live, but instead of doing it organically, most guys are opting for one-off engagements like a trip to China.

This is because they may be too young to get on dating apps and want everything done at once instead of taking the time to really figure out if they have something better going. The world wide web has changed everything around us, except for just about anything that doesn’t involve smartphones.

With that said, we are able to talk to others across the globe and not even have to physically travel to meet with them. All kinds of things don’t require a date or two, only two. Just the slightest click on a screen can make this happen from anywhere you would like to be. So why this guy who wants to go to India? Well, he can try that later and save the effort of that date of the week.

But instead, he gets stuck on Tinder and thinks that girls are the new boys. And by the time he is trying to connect with his potential love interest, he will already know what she likes and maybe want to spend more time together, but now there is no chance that the girl he was talking to could possibly fall back into her previous habits.

He is hoping this new person will be able to help him find “herself.” This one is particularly true if he is single. It’s difficult for single women to be able to handle a relationship. In fact, studies show that they are generally happier when their partners have someone who they care about. As far as relationship goals go, if people have multiple partners, then it’s best to take a different approach.

Not everyone knows what kind of relationship to have and there is no way to predict exactly what will happen in every situation. However, these days, it isn’t as bad for couples to be solo. Most of these individuals aren’t looking to marry, but rather just enjoy each other’s company.

These days, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that singles are in constant search of someone to share experiences with. When they are comfortable being alone and happy with it, they will continue to do so until they have someone to share all their secrets with. However, some people just need a companion at times.

There is nothing wrong with this  for instance, two adults could actually create a friendship just by talking to each other over coffee. Then, when the day is done, there is always an ending song that happens to end up being the next best thing since sliced bread.

Regardless, even though the majority of singles can appreciate being single and enjoying their own company (even if their partner hates it), there are those that simply cannot survive without a friend.

While this is an example, it’s also important to point out that, while it can be hard for singles to move away from their own fears and desires, it’s equally important for partners to recognize this need for companionship. Once both parties know they’re not alone, they will become more confident in sharing their experiences and learn to respect one another.


To summarize, I believe that there are a number of reasons why there are still single people today. For starters, it’s easier for many single people to get along, although we need to recognize that we are all human. We all go through tough stuff, whether it be our parents dying, being homeless, losing a loved one, etc.

Many of these situations leave no room for emotional attachments, which will eventually lead to divorce. That being said, we should not let relationships get in the way of our relationships and we ought to work towards finding lasting solutions at whatever age we might start.

A few things come to mind: first, having a healthy romantic relationship is a wonderful thing. Also, a healthy relationship doesn’t just mean making dinner together and listening to music together. Sometimes, playing ping pong is fun and we all get to talk to other singles, but there are times where talking gives us nothing.

If a couple is apart, then there is a good chance the relationship won’t last very long. Secondly, the internet seems to have created an abundance of fake companions.

One day I was working on my computer, and it hit me:

“What kind of couples did I meet online? How many friends did I really know? Did I get any messages that weren’t meant for me?” Unfortunately, nobody wants to hang out with an uncool person on the internet. By hanging out in social networks, you have made yourself known, and people start wondering if you are even real.

Social media is not exactly safe and everybody is definitely not supposed to interact with certain strangers. Thirdly, as you can probably tell, marriage tends to be the main goal for many people. People are interested in their partner’s ability to make sure that their decisions and habits are the right ones.

Those of us who are single want to enjoy our own company and not worry about the opinions of our friends. It can be hard to make ourselves heard when there are dozens of people constantly calling us out and asking the same question.

Finally, just as we can easily turn our phones on when we would like to play games, when we want to watch movies, or when we are waiting in line at the coffee store, it’s easy to look into our phone’s camera view and see pictures taken by our friends and family. This allows us to be closer when we are at home and we see beautiful photos of friends and family.

But none of the above applies to most of the people of society. Nowadays, you can be anybody you want, and by that, I mean almost anyone. Your friends or acquaintances will usually choose your side over yours regardless of gender, age, occupation, religion, ethnicity or culture.

They are simply too busy dealing with problems outside of their own house to care about such petty matters. Lastly, not only are we increasing in size every day, but it is becoming more common for people to get divorced at a younger age. Our children will grow up knowing the importance of their stepfather and mother being as strong as their father and mother. We are becoming more isolated than ever before. What does that mean for the quality of a relationship?

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