Do Dogs Follow You To The Bathroom? Here Are 17 Reasons

If you own a dog, you are aware of how annoying it can be when it follows you throughout the house, even in the most private spaces. When you go to the toilet, why do dogs follow you? No one can tell you the precise cause, but you may investigate a number of likely possibilities.

Thanks to the professionals, you may learn why your puppy likes that pastime and maintains that habit for the rest of its life. However, it’s unlikely that your four-legged shadow will ever go away. Your pet does not feel particularly personal when you are in the shower or using the bathroom. Let’s attempt to clarify why!

Why do dogs follow you to the toilet?


1  Breeding characteristics,
Amazingly, some dog breeds known as Velcro dogs cling to and follow their owners. So, you might expect your shepherd, border collie, or cattle dog to follow you everywhere, even to the toilet.

In contrast, working breeds like boxing athletes and Doberman Pinschers cling to you to protect you from potential harm. There is also a third option. For pure fun, you should train your pointing device or Labrador retriever to follow you.

2. Canines Promote Socialisation

A puppy that you adopt will probably follow you everywhere. In essence, the dog develops that habit while it is young and maintains that pattern all of its life. You and your social pet have been one another’s whole world since the day you were born. It wants to remain with you at all times as a result.

It’s strange that your dog would act the same way even when you adopted it when it was a senior or even a teenager. This incredible creature will begin to follow you once it gains your confidence. Unfortunately, it also wants to hang out with you in the lavatory.

Your dog will probably wait beside the door and whimper until you open it if you don’t allow it in.

3. Dogs Are Members Of A Pack.

Dogs will always form packs while they are living in the wild. Your new pet will consider you a part of its group after you bring it home, and it won’t want to be left alone without you for long. Your dog will accompany you everywhere, including into the bathroom, so that you won’t feel alone and exposed.

4. Dogs Don’t Understand Privacy

All sense of privacy is excluded by the dog’s pack idea. You well know that dogs like sniffing one another, even when they have just passed gas. Your dog, on the other hand, believes that that there’s anything personal you can do inside your bathroom without it there with you.

You should tell your infant everything because you are a trusted and adored family member. Additionally, time spent together should be enjoyable, and your dog cannot comprehend the need for such strict limitations.

5. Dogs Hate Being Alone.

Your dog despises being alone and doesn’t get why anyone would want to accomplish something alone. This wonderful creature will thus accompany you everywhere, even to the bathroom. It’s a way of giving you the greatest possible company and the presence of a friend.

6. Canines Offer Protection

Your dog believes that any room may be the perfect hiding location for a predator. You are his favorite being and best buddy, hence it is his responsibility to keep you safe from any harm.

Like any other area, the bathroom has the potential to be harmful. Your dog needs to keep you safe while carrying out the perilous task there because you placed yourself in danger by visiting that insecure area. What about this is unclear to you?

7. Dogs Are Inquisitive

Dogs are observant.
You may anticipate that your dog will start to wonder about your frequent trips to the loo. As a result, it can believe that something particularly interesting occurs there and desire to take part in it.

Some dogs could also be wary of a location where their owners go too frequently. They may be persuaded that anything occurs there that calls for their observation.

8. Dogs enjoy attention

Your dog loves having your complete attention, therefore it won’t be thrilled if you decide to go somewhere unknown like a restroom without it. The majority of dog owners make the mistake of giving their dogs hugs or treats before taking them to the potty when they are young.

In a result, the dog associates that specific room with enjoyment and care and desires to accompany its owner there. If this is the case, you should teach it to perform another task while you are busy. After some time, your will finally be allowed to take advantage of your privacy if you keep rewarding the improvement in its behavior.

9. Dogs Are Compassionate

Your dog may view that it’s in the lavatory when you use it as assistance because it wants to be useful. I know that seems strange, but from your dog’s perspective, since you use the bathroom every day, it must be a place where there are problems. Of course you need a dependable companion to help you address that issue.


10. Loving Behaviour in Dogs

Dogs express their affection.
A towel off the floor is frequently picked up by your dog as it follows you through the bathroom and brings your toilet paper. That is how it expresses its passion and unwavering love. How can you fight it?

11. Dogs desire a deeper relationship with their owners

Sniffing the bottoms of other dogs helps canines learn to know one another. Your pet will attempt to check you when you use the restroom since you are an important part of its team. Therefore, it will view your stay there as a fantastic opportunity to get to know you better.

12. Dogs like spending time with their owners.

The modern rat race will keep you busy the majority of the day. Your dog is going to require to have a few minutes with its human once you get home because it is apart from you all day. Actually, a good, peaceful location to hang out is the restroom.

13. Dogs like looking at their owners while they are sitting.

Most dog owners find the behavior of their pets to be rather unpleasant and puzzling. Most of the time, all your dog needs to feel secure and cherished is eye contact. No matter how uncomfortable and undesired that attention may be for you when using the loo, it will still verify an emotional connection in this manner.

Dogs Search for a Treat


Your dog may occasionally ask to go with you to the toilet for completely innocent and young reasons. It most likely thinks that you have hidden some sweets in that area. Why else would you be so enigmatic and spend so much time in space without its inhabitants?


16. Dogs Lack Confidence

The dog may occasionally be quite uneasy. That could be the reason they follow you and demand to be with you at all times. Being conscious that this is not proper behavior for dogs may help you respond quickly to avert more serious problems, including anxiety.

When a dog experiences what is known as “resource guarding,” it means that it thinks that using aggressiveness is the only option to defend someone it cares about. It might be risky behavior, therefore you need to respond appropriately and immediately.


17. Canines Can Experience Separation Anxiety

Stress is not a simple-minded illness. So, if you see that your dog has it, you should consult a veterinarian. Your dog usually wants to be with you all the time, but if it can’t go even a minute without you, you should start to worry.

Occasionally, the moment you enter the restroom and shut the door, the dog may respond in a very agitated manner. Although you can initially bring the dog along, this is not a sustainable option.

You should seek assistance from a knowledgeable trainer or veterinarian. When the dog waits for you standing in front of the door, it is out of love. Contrarily, persistent complaining is a warning indicator.


Be ready for your dog’s strange propensity for following you everywhere, even the restroom, if you adopt one. There is nothing you can do about it since it is inherently bad. You may teach your dog to avoid this place since you might find that characteristic to be extremely unpleasant. But it’s certain that being divided won’t make it happy.

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