Best Value True Wireless Earbuds – Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro Review

Best Value True Wireless Earbuds – Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro Review


Sto that slightly weird question is the Xiaomi buds 3t pro like Xiaomi smartphones these offer strong value for money you get some really decent premium features packed in here including excellent active noise cancellation but at a price that won’t absolutely molest your wallet

Unfortunately, I don’t actually know exactly what that price will be because I’m shooting this ahead of the official UK launch but they have promised me that it will be very competitive indeed but anyhow I’ve been using the Xiaomi buds 3t pro as my full-time true welsh earbuds for the last week or so so here’s my in-depth review and for more on the latest and greatest tech please do pop subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now a lot of

Xiaomi’s truly wireless earbuds rock a bullet-style design whereas here in the case of the Xiaomi buds 3t pro you’ve got that dangly stem finish akin to apple’s air pods of course which to me kind of just looks like you’re leaking seminal fluid out of both of your lugholes but you know what if you prefer you can grab the Xiaomi buds 3t pro in black as well as this glossy white finish and as far as the comfort levels go no complaints whatsoever the

Buds themselves weighed just about 5 grams each super light and super comfortable as usual with true wireless earbuds you get a selection of differently sized silicon tips bundled in the box you can find a pair that fits your own personal locals really really neat and snuggly I didn’t struggle to find a pair of silicone tips that fit my own baldy heat perfectly the earbuds just stay in there nice and firm there’s no they’re moving around whenever I’m

Eating talking doing whatever else walking about the place as well no problems and I found they were comfortable to wear for you know three-four hours at a time and they’re ip55 water-resistant as well so no worries if you’re out in a bit of a drizzle or if you’re working up a bit of sweat down the gym something like that the only part of the design I’m not a massive fan of is this slightly unsightly seam which runs along the outside of the plastic

Part of the bud that does tend to pick up grime and dirt which really helps to highlight it unfortunately but it’s not massive issue connectivity no issues there at all got Bluetooth 5.2 low energy support here on the Xiaomi buds 3t pro and you can connect up to two devices at the same time so, for instance, great if you want to get connected to your phone listen to music or podcast but also connect to your laptop whenever you need to jump on a quick Microsoft

Teams call or just do a quick bit of video editing something like that and even when I was walking around the center of a really busy city center Barcelona for a good old mac I found that again the connection wasn’t distorted at all by the fact that lots of other people were listening to headphones all around me it was just perfect the only issue I noticed in terms of the actual audio streaming and the connectivity was an occasional tiny

Bit of distortion when I hibernate my phone and put it back in my pocket as I was streaming Bluetooth you know music or podcasts or whatever kind of a sporadic issue and not really much of a problem at all just a minor ball like at best now, unfortunately, there is no dedicated app for the Xiaomi buzz 3t pro uh which is a real shame because a lot of truly wireless earbuds now do offer a companion app so you can easily update the buzz you can keep tabs on the exact

Battery life and you can play around with some of the features like the actual audio output the noise cancellation however if you do own a Xiaomi smartphone then you will be able to access some extra tools and features through the Bluetooth settings menu so you can for instance toggle the noise cancellation on and off just simple things like that it’s not a major issue if you don’t have a Xiaomi smartphone so don’t stress about it too much because

When I was testing these out for the majority of the time I was using an oppo smartphone instead so I didn’t have access to those bonus tools but you do have touch controls here on the actual buds themselves to cycle through the likes of the noise cancellation modes you activate these controls by squeezing the stems so to speak rather than actually tapping the buds which I thought worked quite well it meant that I didn’t accidentally activate the

Controls at all even if I was just adjusting a bud or something like that what you’ll need to do is a quick squeeze will pause your music another quick squeeze will resume it if you do a double squeeze then that will skip you forward a track and a triple squeeze, if I can see it properly, will skip you back a track now I got to say the double squeezes and the triple squeezers definitely take some getting used to you’ve got to do it sort of just

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